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Education Opportunities for Military Personnel

With military draw downs in both Afghanistan and Iraq, more troops are finding themselves stateside now than in the last two decades. As actions by congress are still uncertain, many military families will want to increase their skills in the public sector to ensure job security in the future. While applying to a public or private university may feel daunting to those who are used to a strict standard of structure and discipline, there are more and more military friendly colleges available for members of the armed services.
Military Friendly
A military friendly college does not mean all students will have a background in the military itself. This refers to the degree programs offered at the school. While traditional public and private universities offer mostly four year degree programs, military friendly schools give one the chance to focus on hands-on degrees and trade programs. Many military friendly colleges offer job placement assistance to help their students transition from the classroom to the workforce.

Degrees and Programs
There are many degrees and programs for one to choose. An associate’s degree in criminal justice is a popular program offered at many of these schools. Service members may find the transition to a civil police force easy due to the similarities in job requirements. Healthcare fields such as CNA, CMA, dental assisting and even medical coding are degrees offered at most military friendly schools as well. For those who are looking to move on to higher education, an associate’s degree in business may offer assistance as a transitional degree to a four year university. These colleges give students multiple opportunities to compete in an ever-changing workforce.

Financial Aid
The US military has many programs to help its members afford higher education. Military friendly universities participate in programs such as the 9/11 GI Bill, Survivors and Dependents Educational Assistance, Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment Program and many more. Most schools of this type have their own scholarships, which also include scholarships for military spouses.

On-ground and Online
For many active duty members, online courses may be a better option. Online courses give one the ability to complete a degree in a less restrictive timeline as opposed to on-ground courses. However, many military members enjoy the active hands-on approach and may feel better suited for the classroom environment.

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